Switching Lock On to Tracking Sense seems too harsh for Drukhari

I feel like switching Lock On to Tracking sense is too much of a penalty, the Deldar really rely on their range and without lock on they have to get too close, which seems overly detrimental to their gameplay. I don't think they really need nerfing, as it is mostly an issue with people still not being very experienced countering them, I would give it more time before making a decision. Aswell, I don't think the range is the main thing that makes Drukhari hard to fight, it's their zone control. Nerfing Drukhari combat ability would push Drukhari into more of a stealth point control centered strategy, which would only serve to frustrate inexperienced players more. If a balance change is needed, a better one could be adding tracking sense, but also keeping lock on with a reduced crit chance. This would create a risk-reward scenario, where a Drukhari player could get in closer in exchange for better crit chances or stay at safer ranges. Or just reducing the crit chance of Drukhari lock on, but I don't think a balance change is needed with their current win rate of 57%, at least until people have had more time with the game.

fair enough, after playing without lock more it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem for them. My main thing is I don't think this is going to solve much of the issue with catching them, from my experience the hit and run style with the Druhkari is to advance into very close range in order to maintain stealth by moving, then release any ordinance/boarding before running away again and recharging. The nerf just means they won't be firing until they get closer, which won't make them easier to catch.

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As long as the DE is not at 4.5k range of an enemy he is stealth. This nef means that at least they have to go at 9k range or lower to use their insane dps. and if they rely only on long range torp shot or squadrons, I am not sure they will have enough dps to kill anything vs any competent player