Imperium campaign Jubal Eldar mission bugged?

At the mission in Jubal system where i have to help the eldar capture something from the chaos ship, but when i do theres some dialogue and the screen goes all warped, the chaos ship reappears elsewhere and the same dialogue repeats, done this around 7 times before eventually the eldar ship killed the chaos ship (out of my control and resulted in mission failure) has anyone done this part yet? Im on hard mode with emergency gauge on if that matters

Hey @Davie,

Thanks for pointing this out! Did this happen in the beta branch or in the public one, please?

Its in the public game, tho i eventually found out it wasnt a bug. The mission definitly needs some added dialogue or an additional objective telling you to warp jump, instead you just board the enemy and have the dialogue repeat over with the enemy repspawning. I spent about half an hour on it before noticing the warp jump button was highlighted (its nowhere near obvious enough) especially considering none of the dialogue says anything about jumping. Plus given that tbh this is a very buggy game (still love it tho) the logical conclusion anyone would get is that something is bugged and keeps resetting the objective or not updating to the next part properly.

I would recommend changing the dialogue so that one of the characters actually says something like "we should warp out and regroup" and then actually change the objective at the top side of the screen to say "make an emergency warp jump",

As an added note maybe have a restriction on the AI eldar ally ship, since its mission failure if the chaos ship is destroyed, the eldar is the one saying this, yet he still destroys the chaos ship, maybe change it so the eldar will not target the chaos ship once it is below 20% hp or something

I actually think changing this would remove the whole "deception" plot twist of that mission. They should not explicitly add the "Warp out" objective

But some extra dialog from Spire like :
"I have the feeling we already got in this situation...what kind of madness is it ?" (after 3-4 attemps)
then after even more attempts he finally says something like
"By the Holy Emperor, that profane sorcerer is playing with our mind...get out of there/retreat now !"

(or something along those lines) could help a player who is not noticing that the dialog is exactly the same each time (due to focus on the fight) to figure out that something is going wrong

When I played it, I truly fell the "insanity" : doing the same thing over and over thinking the result would be different
Then at some point I though : "Well it looks like we are trapped in a endless loop. What would happen if I retreat from this battle ?" and then I noticed the blinking icon
But I never though it was a bug at any point thanks to the blurry effect. IMO this was quite an original design for this mission

Yeah i agree but the fact that it does loop over and over, and the fact that the game is, unfortunately quite buggy leads you to the most logical conclusion that its simply bugged, it would be far from the first time a quest chain or mission has bugged out and reset in a game. I agree on the dialogue part thats all it needs, something different each time and then a hint that you should warp after the 3/4th one rather than just the exact same over and over with no hint that you need to warp out other than the barely highlighted button