No sound ingame

Hey there !

I bought the game last week but only got to actually boot it 2 days ago.
I have no clue why, but when I start the game, I get sound from the different logos before the game menu, but then in the game menu itself, there is no sound.
I also have no sound when I launch the prologue campaign (no sound in the cinematic or ingame), or a skirmish.

The truly weird thing is that today I downloaded a pirated version of the game (it was suggested to me) and the sound actually worked.
This is of course not a solution, since I don't condone piracy and I really wanted to play online.

This never happened with other games.0_1548968223873_DxDiag.txt
I've attached a dxdiag in case it helps.
I've already tried reinstalling the game on another drive, as well as reinstalling steam. I've reinstalled my audio drivers. I'm at a loss now.

Could you help me please ? My specs are below :

Intel 4670k
GTX 1070
Maximus VI Hero (onboard audio Realtek)

Hi @AngelFeoras,

sorry to hear about your issue.
Can you tell me if you are using a 7.1 headset ?

I don't get any sound at all unless I start up the game with headphones plugged in.

Finally got mine to work by going in to the Sound Settings --> Additional Device Properties --> Advanced and unchecking the Allow applications to take exclusive control.

I also am experiencing the same issue. However, even switching to a separate audio channel, like my speakers, doesn't fix it. I used the same audio set up when I played Gothic 1, and never ran into issues in that department.