[Coop] no interface during coop

I was playing with friend in coop mode (he was invited player). During first attempt in battle he lost interface (no minimap and skill buttons). During second attempt he couldn't see enemy ships.

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Hi @PhoSiS
Thanks for reporting this. Are you playing on the beta branch or the standard game? Also, at what point during the battle did these things happen? At the start, or when he clicked anything specific? Any additional info will be very useful, thanks!

I can confirm this bug is happening in Coo-op with invited players, at beginning of battle, he had no selection during the setup point before battle begins. He only had movement, just no ui/skills. In Standard game, no Beta selected.

Standard game. After loading, during set up. He didn't get ui from the first seconds after loading.
Second bug was during one of the campaign battles. Enemies got reinforcement. And he couldn't see those new ships when they enter the battlefield

His ships was firing knowhere. And this knowhere were the enemy ships

Hey @PhoSiS sorry for the late reply. Appreciate the clarification, and I've passed this information on to the team.