Map selection

I understand with the player count allowing people to only pick the maps they want will increase wait time, but playing the same maps over and over is frustrating.

Allow us to remove 2 maps from the queue, that still leaves a lot of maps left over for you to match us in.
It shows you Devs if people don't like certain maps.
If someone keeps getting put in the same map, then they can select it as their "opt out map" when they have had enough of it, instead of logging off.


I like every single map in this game :3

Remember when Call of Duty:Modern Warfare used to have a map vote (on console)? I really wish I could have the map vote implemented instead of kicking us out of the server. Like, I just want to be placed in a public lobby instead of being placed back to search for another match. From there, we get to select what map we want to play.

Let us select just one map if we want. What's the harm? If someone wants to get a specific map at the cost of extra wait time, there's no reason to try to stop them.

@cyoce disagree.
Rainbow Six Siege works great with random maps.
If you can pick a specific one, the map will be "overplay" very soon. Especially, because their are only 6 maps right now.
Don't want one map to become the new "Dust 2". It's actually so annoying in CS, that they play the same old map over and over again.

@benny If you get tired of Dust 2, just deselect Dust 2. Don't force the majority of players who prefer that map to only get it 1/6 of the time just because you got tired of it.

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Rising Storm 2 Vietnam has a lot of maps and can be completely broken with players voting on preferred maps when all maps are available, because only a few popular maps keeps getting picked. Having a voting feature for maps should be a necessity imo, but being smart about it and introduce some sort of map cycles that ensures variety should be a necessity as well.