So you give INS older MP5A2, SEC gets newer MP5A5, why not give SEC newer ACOG, INS gets older ACOG?

This pattern has already been done a few times, with the INS getting older versions of security weapons (M16A4 sec / M16A2 ins) and now the (MP5A5 sec / MP5A2 ins)... So why can't the security team get the newer ACOG scope (which is the current acog model available for insurgent team) and let the Insurgent team have an older more banged up ACOG model?


I kind of like this idea, but let me clear things up a little bit. the only ACOG in the game is the TA31RCO-M150CP, the most modern ACOG available, and the model of ACOG currently fielded by the US Army and US Marine Corps. so the M150 should definitely remain for security forces. if the insurgents were to get their own ACOG, it would make the most sense for it to be the TA01NSN, one of the oldest ACOG models and currently phased out of service by most nations. the TA01 is has a different reticle that is more of a traditional crosshairs, doesn't support ARDs, and doesn't have an illuminated reticle in daylight. but really, above all I'd rather see the insurgents get russian mid-range optics before they got an ACOG, like a 1P78 or a 1P29.

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