can we have more objective options for coop? (RELOCATION ON THE MAP)

what im trying to say is that we have such a gorgeous map and we cant see it because objectives are always fixed.How about we have changed locations for objectives? like fixed locations when the map starts
I think you get my point

once the mod kit comes out, this is on my list.

100%, especially because it might be easy to implement and there are only 6 maps right now. So basically using everything we got so far to it's full potential would be appreciated a lot.

@jballou can the mod make it official?
I don't want to play without gaining experience or something

Yes, that would be cool, increases replay-ability.

@jballou Would love to have "mini checkpoints"--checkpoints that need to be completed before going to each of the objectives we have now. Teams can split and breach these fortified buildings/mini checkpoints. I think it would alleviate the running simulator pacing of the current map design and utilize the buildings no one really goes into.

Side note: Insurgency 2014's dry_canal was good on pacing with checkpoint distance and enemy placement. Seemed like a good model for the core Sandstorm map design.