I'm sure everyone has mentioned that they would like to be able to switch ships between fleets in the campaign.
But I haven't seen the option of choosing which ships to engage in fleet battles where the command points are capped. Honestly, this kind of violates the "bigger fleet battles" advertising you guys threw out anyway bc I fail to see the reason why I cant just field all my ships (you know, like every other RTS space sim ever created).
But if we're going to keep this pointless and horrible mechanic, at least let us choose which ships to field out of the cap. Example, I have 1350 command points to field in the campaign map, but a fleet value of 2700, yet it just randomly selects ships from my fleets in descending order. Why can't I choose to field 2 battlebarges instead of relying on a roll of the dice to do it for me? Pretty dumb.