Would be nice to pick up stuff up more easily and accurately

Can't pick up grenade items easily enough, even when crouched or prone... it's getting really annoying.. you see the icon pop-up but hitting the use-key does nothing, so you crouch and still nothing, so you move closer and maybe it works or... maybe you get shot 😞

All because you had to make 3 attempts to pick up something the game sees you looking at, because the icon is showing on-screen,
but it won't let you interact with it yet!

Sometimes you see the icon for a smoke grenade and you hit the use-key and somehow you have picked up an enemy pistol or rifle now you have to look for yours and find it among the bodies and other weapons and hope you can pick it up too without swapping it for something else...
again... before you get shot 😞

Especially annoying when it's in a cluster of guns as you have to retrieve your weapon now too, at least guns seem a lot easier to swap out quickly, if you can see them OK, but you don't always have the time to swap out your pistol and rifle just to pick up a nade... before you get shot 😞

Maybe you could make the 'hitboxes' of grenades taller than guns and guns could be picked up easier by the butts and barrels (longer), if that's even an issue, I never have and trouble picking up guns, just nades, mollies and such.

Near doors is also a issue as the door opens instead.
Still annoying but is understandable at least, as it's the same keybinding.
Maybe a variation of the kick open action could be utilized or another key needs to be used or the forward key and the use-key together works to open doors, IDK the best fix for this one but it's not the priority for me.

I can live with the door bug for now so long as I can pick up a grenade quickly when I see one, without it turning into a prolonged multi step task.

My favourite in-game mini-game is playing weaponswap roulette while trying to pick up a molotov...

If the weapon pickup select is broken af, how in the devil am I supposed to get "It's All in the Reflexes" achievement?

I wouldn't mind if the weapon pick up mechanic would be consistent. I hate having to jungle so much gear in the game, when I could easily pick up an object irl than in-game.

One of the early gameplay screenshots from Sandstorm showed the item name pop-up when looking at something on the ground and I thought "whoa, they're fixing the single most frustrating thing about Insurgency! Yay!"

Oh, what cruel irony ...

Everything is clunky lol. Want to jump through the window?...denied and your dead. Want to go over that 2 foot high piece of rubble?...denied and your dead. Want to pick up a grenade?...denied and your dead. That being said, I still love the game. 😁

Picking up a grenade or molotov in this game is akin to playing russian roulette with a semi auto...

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Woah woah. Now your all asking to be able to pick things up off the ground without extreme difficulty? Let’s not get greedy now...

Definitively needed! I already made the suggestion (6 months ago...) that the dropped equiment could be dispersed more widely on the ground - instead of rifle, pistol, smoke nade and frag nade all piling up on the same fucking spot.
I think this is the easiest solution. Or just make it like in Ins2.