Special Operations

Hi what are special operations and how do I access them? Playing the Cadia campaign and on turn 17 without anything to do!

Also- how do I engage the bombers / fighters / ordnance / tactical commands to engage automatically? I got over micromanaging my fleets in BGF1 but this is a complete pain that I have to keep an eye on every ship and what it is doing. Multiple ships selected don't seem to launch at the same time either.. ANy advice here?


If you look at the mission, it will state which System they're in. Move your fleets to that System, then click the System (Not any of the planets). A little square should be to the bottom right of the System name on the map, with text saying "Launch Special Operation".

if you have multiple ships selected and a skill selected you have a number next to your pointer
the number indicates how many of your ships can do that skill
click for every ship you want to do that
that way you dont overkill or need to select a separate few ships to launch fightercover first
its a lot more convenient this way once you get used to it