How to report Players

I would like to know how to report a player, as i cannot see anywhere, how to report a player from multiplayer BFG2

Hi @Sdrazak 🙂
You can report a cheat by filling the form available here. Feel free to fully explain the situation and to provide enough details on the cheater and what they did during the battle.
Thank you and have a great one !

@raibi Sorry for the late reply, does this form also apply for extremely toxic people? He was not a cheater, however he was extremely toxic, way beyond the normal competitive or "salty" talk, for no apparent reason. Just want to know if i can use this form to report him, as i also have video/screenshot evidence.

No worries for the late replay @Sdrazak 😁
Sorry, my bad ! I thought it was an issue related to cheaters. In this case, would you mind sending me all of this directly though primate messages ?

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@raibi Will do, will send it as soon as possible!