i realize that this is a modest proposal but now that balancing has started getting addressed and players are getting things like huge battles in the form of 1000 point 2v2s i feel like bringing up aspects of my aesthetics post, or rather things i didn't quite mention.
I like the sound of a lot of things in this game, collisions sound great, the ambient sound of engines and thrusters are great, the guns on ork weapons sound great but on some other fields i don't entirely get why it sound like it does.
take my biggest gripe, that being lances. though i think chaos lances in particular suffer from this, it really does sound like someone firing a barrage of squirt guns and as cool as lances look, the fact that they don't sound like giant space lasers but rather like someone messing with water i think it aught to be changed.
A decent amount of weapons feel like they are lacking in umpf/impact this might just be due to the distance i am away from the ships but even then the sounds could use work in generally making it sound more powerful, these are after all really big ships so the weapons should feel equally heavy.