[Report] Campaign Ending Blocking Necron "Star Makers" glitch

Hello. After completing the Necron mission in the cadian system in which you kill the Blackstone fortress, I have repeatedly encountered a glitch where the game freezes and needs to be force quited. Its a weird freeze, as I can do things like click buttons and commands and occasionally get audio responses, and the game itself still seems to be running, as after a couple of second on the first time I got the blackstone killing achievement and the second I got the campaign clear achievement and the one you get for blocking all blackstone shots. Additionally, sometimes blackstone fires a final shot after it is destroyed, sometimes even from a different location than its body as it drifts after slain. Additionally, sometimes after the victory when the ships start warping out one or two chaos ships cancel the warp out and there seems to be a fleet that arrives on the upper edge of the map, though they join the other ships in warping out after launching a boarding wing. Thats all I have noticed so far, hopefully this can be resolved, I wish to see the final cutscene in game.

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Hello @Nemesor-Xanxas,

this issue has been fixed and will hopefully be part of the next patch.
Thank you for your patience and feedback.