I think one of the fastest ways this game can make some quick cash to put out more content is to update the cosmetics.

Now lets talking about faces/heads.
The Human Ogre has a lot of choices if you unlock the Ogre team options. I understand you want them to be unique but all Ogres are coming from the same pool of Ogres. Human Ogres are just mercenaries from the same place.

Britannian (thank you so much for unlocking them), Humans and other teams can get simple upgrades that will go along way. You can also add women (players choice) to these teams with the Amazon models already done. You just have to add a little armor (literally a weeks worth of work if one person does it) and you're good. It would also give the Vampire teams the same options, they are pretty much human other than the Vampires but they use the same models.

Another thing I'd like to see is more options for undead. Zombie Dwarves and Orcs would go a long way and you don't even have to change their stats from Zombie or Skeleton but it would get your team a more personal feel. I love Dwarves and I'd play a full Skeleton Dwarf team just for fun.

Cosmetics is your key to future DLCs with selling faction cosmetics at a low price and using that to do more teams (Chaos Renegades and Khorne are just some examples). Also you could finish the Goblin roster as its missing two key models. And you could do more star players.

100% agree that the goblin roster needs filling out. And agree that a few more cosmetic choices would be nice. One Troll face is not enough. An additional Troll with a lolling tongue looking really stupid would be appropriate.

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One of my biggest gripes too this.

When LE was originally launched we were promised x amount of Star Player models. Upon release it was apparent that the devs were either incapable or not payed to complete the chainsaw models.

So we ended up with gobbo loonies playing on the Dwarf team etc. Its such a simple fix that has been ignored for so long that it leads me to believe that there is neither the will or the the wherewithal at Cyanide to do it.... The cash has run out presumably and all we'll see from here on in is overpriced incomplete updates.... Which we'll all pay for of course 'cos we're BB addicts!