Torpedoes and aircraft

Are these limited in number? They seem to grey out after a few uses

Yes they are, but I think if space marine fighters make it back to their hanger you can use them again but otherwise torpedoes, nova cannon etc are limited

@oliverg You see the three squares under those buttons? These are the charges. Fighters and bombers that make it back are able to be used again reducing the enemy turrets with a swarm of fighters is actually worth it.

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@hjalfnar_hgv thanks for the super helpful advice

Fighters, bombers, torpedoes, etc, all have a limited number of uses. In the case of aircraft however, if any of your flyers make it back to your ship, the use is not spent. This means that if your bombers all die to enemy turrets, one of their charges is now gone. However, if you clear the target ship of turrets, your bombers will deal damage, and return to your ship, giving you access to yet another bombing run.