Detection upgrade

Dunno if upping the detection upgrade from 4.5k to 9k is a good idea. It don t help vs stealth because it is sticked to 4.5k identification range but now you can identify non stealth (so anything not corsair/nid/DE and cruiser or bigger) from a really huge range

Yeah I didn't understand why buff that particular thing.
The perk already make you have a pretty good range, making it too big will just make people use less escorts cause they will be safer at range
I think it could apply to stealth identification range instead, because especially for Drukhari and Light Cruiser spam(which are 2 big problems right now), being stealth is way too safe and it requires an immense effort to keep them spotted for any meaningful amount of time, which also leads to your escorts being way out of position trying to get scans back to back