The tool tip for holofields says the following.

"Depending on the gauge filling rate, the holofield has a chance to absorb lance shots (max. chance: 80%) and causes an accuracy penalty to macro-weapons targeting it (max. penalty 50%)."

Is the wording for "gauge filling rate" accurate? As in, it matters how fast the gauge fills rather than how full the gauge is.

I am not certain on this but I believe it is how full the gauge is since you have a skill that fills the gauge.

I also did some testing with a corsair voidstalker in a gas cloud using the skill that keeps the holofield maxed out while in the gas cloud and an avenger shooting at it from 4.5K and 9K and it didn't feel like they were getting -50% or *50% accuracy for their shots.

Some clarification on that would be appreciated.