Unhandled Error

I'm trying to log in to blood bowl 2 on xbox one. And it keeps sayimg unhandlederror. I've hard reset my console and deleted all replays to see if that was it. And it is still doing it. My GT is, XDG GAUNT. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there. Same problem...

I am having the same problem on Xbox One as well. GT is SP1714.

After the start screen, it loads for a while and returns error code: UNHANDLEDERROR.

Iā€™m having the exact issue as well let me know if you hear anything back please

Let me know if you guys get an update on this

Same here I hope they fix it

Same here, any news on a fix?

Hello all,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've already passed this on to the devs.

Edit: It should be fixed now. Can you try to launch the game again?

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The unhandled error thing has reared its ugly head again. Just after I installed a few team packs tnat I'd forgotten about. Not sure if they are linked, but thought I'd mention it.
A new topic has been created for this and I've posted there, but no response as yet so I've replied to this in the hope someone sees it!