[Report] Bugs patch notes say are fixed are not fixed

For example the infinite health escort glitch is still there, and the star makers Necron mission is still bugged, and I made a thread on the star makers bug already. Someone should get on that.

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Same thing for me with escort glitch. Surely a concern in the continuity of the game, which is only settled with new ships...

@src I’d say that the inability to complete one of the 3 campaigns is a pretty big issue in regards to longetivity (star makers is mandatory and freezes upon completion).

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the Necron Escort bug is indeed fixed but unfortunalety isn't retroactive.
As for Star Makers we identified the issue and the mission should be fully functionnal in the next patch.
Please do keep in mind that this issue can be avoided and the mission completed by killing the Blackstone Fortress quickly.

Thank you for your support and feedbacks !