Model of the ship "REPULSIVE" is shorter than the orhers !

I find the chaos's ship "REPULSIVE"(Grand Cruiser) is shorter than the other two, There are some errors in the model.
I took that test, but the mistakes are still there.
Please repair it!I beg you!Please!

3_1549235146879_367465765765765.jpg 2_1549235146879_9890646767676.jpg 1_1549235146879_4657657657657.jpg 0_1549235146878_657657656565.jpg

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Yesterday i have the new update(beta ver 9230),but the error still exist,please repair it ,please!

Can confirm the ship model overlapping issue. Repulsive ship bow overlaps the ship midsection so Repulsive appears to be slightly shorter than other two grand cruisers. Good catch!


At first, I didn’t understand what you’re talking about, but yes, I confirm that the nose of the repulsive part went to the middle part