Phantom Lances still refer to Lock On stance.

When you read the tooltip for Drukhari Phantom Lance weapons (like the ones on the Falling Moon, the Dying Sun, the Iron Thorn, the Obsidian Rose, etc...) they all still say:

Concentrated Fire:
The weapon's damage is increased by 100% when the ship is in Lock On stance.

I don't know if this feature still works the way it implies (assuming that Tracking Sense replaces this), since they no longer have Lock On stance, or if this feature is just going away, because Lock On stance is going away.

You are now the third person to post the exact same thing in this subforum.

Apologies, I didn't see that this forum had two pages. The thread other than yours that is currently on this page is difficult to read.

That's fair. I doubt the devs actually read all of these threads anyways.

Thanks for pointing this out, it will be fixed. 🙂