-game doesn't crash normally, however, it crashes only after completing mission against Devram Korda every single time
-the mission is a part of Chosen of Abaddon, and it is the last Chosen of Abaddon mission I have chosen to play
-the game always crashes exatly at the same time WITHOUT SAVING the progress, meaning I have no way to progress through the campaign and I am stuck
-not sure if related, but when the battle victory screen shows up, the renown bar is shown for some 1-2 seconds and the completely disappears

  • when the map shows up, the characters say some words about the battle, after that, admiral spire says a few words, now appearantly reffering not to completion of the mission, but to completing Chosen of Abaddon as a whole... after that I get chosen of abaddon completion screen and the game crashes after i click "close" (it may not be specifically when clicking "close" but clicking generally). Immediately after I do that, I get a message that the game crashed
  • screenshots and crash folders are included 0_1549154239406_BFAcrash.rar

EDIT: I have found out there is at least one other post with the same problem. One person has written in the comments that playing that mission with spire fleet's fleet power under 900 helps. I've tried it and can confirm that it works.

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