Is DE a brawling faction now?

That doesnt make them brawler tho, if you can seperate the enemy and gang up at close range on one enemy ship that isnt brawling thats in fact the exact hit and run nature of the corsairs lol. And brawler means something else in general, having a higher dps output at close range is true for pretty much everyone, the difference is corsairs are not good at all at taking damage, sure you cando huge damage with star cannons at 4500 range, but your also super vulnerable to ramming, and your holo fields which dont mitigate damage only accuracy, dont rly do anything to stop shots at point blank range, your also putting yourself in boarding range.
To me a brawler faction is something that take the enemy fleet head on at close range, not something that just has higher dps at close range but sucks at everything else in close quarters

@davie: I would define a brawler through its preferred range band. if you want to stay at minimal range, you are brawling. shadow cruiser corsairs have several good reasons to try to stay at <4500 range against a lot of fleets (getting good torpedo runs and mostly AP ammo to equalize the armor difference). if you go with pulsars, it is another situation.

you cannot avoid getting into boarding range anyway against most fleets if you fight at 9.000 range with 280 speed ships. killing stuff faster before the boarding reloads is preferable. fragile is no longer a ramming debuff so ramming them is no longer "free damage", it is a bad trade for you, but it is not like you don't have a big area denial AOE, near-instant turn and a boost to make ramming you a bit more complicated. once again killing stuff faster gives them less time to keep up with ramming.

holo-fields halve the base accuracy, which means that they halve the macro damage you receive at all ranges including zero range (if they work like in the first game, lock-on gives you +20% after the accuracy reduction. than it is always better to use lock-on vs full holofields compared to reload).

eldar in bfg1 were hit and run. you ganged up on one ship and had to get out of dodge asap until your cds were reloaded. macro corsairs don't have to run. if you have a cruiser ttk of roughly 15 seconds in close range using only a third of your torpedo tubes, you can stay and brawl. seeking a good initial engagement is not playing hit&run, it's a basic tactic for all brawlers.