Experiences of a Campaign Leadership Hacker

I've been playing the game for a bit and decided to use the Save Game Editor to more than double the fleet cap in the Campaign. Note, this is connected to individual saves so it does not affect multi.

It makes it a much more enjoyable game all around in my opinion. The general trade off we all accepted when going into the sequel was less individual attachment to our ships in exchange for more ships. The issue is... the fleet cap in BFG1 was about 1200. The Fleetcap in BFG2 is 1650. 450 points is not enough to justify the lower level of customization nor is it really enough to allow you to take a proper fleet. It's two crusiers. Two crusiers an Armada does not make.

Right now I find the game's balance outright discourages limited play-styles. Maxing your fleets? Bad idea. You won't get any ships from the other fleets accompanying you. Take an escort or two? Bad idea. Will likely cost you a cruiser in actual play. Battleships? Be careful become you might be better off spending those points on cruisers.

This is badly exacerbated by the fact you don't even get to choose which ships show up.

What this game needs is a slider or something at the beginning of the campaign to allow for "all ships" or something. Will it be a nightmare to manage for some factions? Yes. Will it stress many lesser systems? Without a doubt. Will it be fun? Oh I can tell you form personal experience its a blast.

Highly agreed I like having an actual armada to play with and having no leadership cap is a good way to achieve that.

Can I have a link to the save editor please?


Change Leadership.

Problem is... the goddamned beta patch breaks it and you need to reedit it every level gain.

And the new update has broken it.

Thank you for nothing.

I actually am beginning to regret shelling out for this game.

Oh damn it was fun to have something to counter invasions with. Invasions are annoying.