Weapon hotkeys

Now, I might be just stupid, but I'm pretty sure the only abilities under the "weapons" tab in the UI that have hotkeys are torpedoes, melta torpedoes and boarding torpedoes. Nova Cannons, Starpulse and possibly some others don't have those. As I am playing on a potato laptop and I lag even after extensive tinkering in BIOS and graphics drivers, having those tied to a keyboard button would be most welcome. They could even share the same key combinations as meltas and board torps because the factions with those abilities don't have special torpedoes. It would be a great QoL change.

Thumbs up! I don't think this would be much of an investment but it would help for example with Necron Cairn a lot, as you want to jump->Starpulse->Terror cone in a quick succession before they can react with maneuvers (which they have hotkeys for).