Campaign Failure: Bug or misunderstanding? (Spoilers)

Hello, I'm stuck at the Dark throne Mission (aka World Engine 2.0) during the Imperium campaign. I captured the first 2 points but then my campaign keeps failing. Spire doesn't die and there's no other objective other than his survival. What am I doing wrong? Is there a hidden countdown to capture the third point? I really don't get it.

Edit: I managed to do it. A user on Reddit told me that there's actually a time countdown and that the 3 points have to be capped quickly. It makes sense, but it would be nice if we had something that told us about it. Maybe a simple time countdown or a Raven guard captain life bar that gets depleted over time.

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Don't you also have to protect another falgship during this phase? If it dies, you loose.

@antheus no, you have to protect the Raven guard flagship during the first part of the mission, then it lands on the world engine.