[Fixed] Necron Campaign Bug Escort vessel hull strength

So I was minding my own business, conquering the aegis occularis for the neoheru dynasty, when one of those damnable eldar ships unloaded a full salvo of torpedoes into my jackal class escort vessel, but it took no hull damage. Needless to say, I got confused, but I forgot about it. Until later when I was looking at the unit card for my vessel and saw its number of hull points was stupidly high. My tiny escort vessel had 108million HP. Picture attached

Best I can figure, something weird is happening with the admiral ability that increases the hull points of my escort ships by 50% which is causing it to apply every turn, making my escorts invulnerable. Naturally this is very silly and I thought it best it was brought to the attention of the Devs

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That bug has already been reported, and even fixed in beta I believe.

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Hello to you both,

this issue has indeed been fixed with the Patch 1 but isn't retroactive.