Problems buying LE expansion

Hi all,

I just bought the BB:LE expansion (because I own the base game) on steam this evening. I have the expansion in my DLC but it says it is not installed. Any thoughts?


..isn't it still in pre-order status? You can't really buy it yet (at least I can't in Steam). First beta-test will happen at the end of the next week, and release is in September. So you probably just pre-ordered it, and will be able to participate in beta-testing, starting next week.

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Oh, sorry, may be you meant BB1 Legendary Edition? The previous game? Dunno then.

Thanks for the reply. I meant BB2:LE. I thought buying it would gain me access to the beta test. I'm seeing videos on YouTube of people playing the beta. Have Cyanide only released it to certain high profile BB players on the web?

Check the latest news for BB2 in steam, there is date of the next betatest. Not sure who were those guys who played it, I believe they are known BB2 streamers of sort, so may be they were given exclusive copies. Or may be it was previous alpha/beta testing phase.

Next week there will be big stress test for all owners of BB2, and after that there will be closed beta phase for preorders like you.

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the download will certainly happen before the eed of the week as the beta will open on friday. One way to see if you already have access to new content is the ball skin option. You should 2 new ones

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As explained above, the preorder beta isn't available yet. All info HERE.

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