Feedback thus far

So with each patch the game becomes more and more enjoyable! Thank you guys for keeping up on this!

Played a few matches so far and these are my thoughts:

  • Really enjoying the new wolf as well as the increased amount of wolves. Really intensifies the game and makes them more threatening! The ability to block/break down doors is perfect as well.
  • Noticed the new textures and sounds, great addition to the immersive aspect.
  • I like the idea of the zones to find artifacts. Only entered one with 90% rad resist, was killed by fire-spitting plant spores, though.
  • No medicines/healing during evacuation. Pretty much how i won majority of games, stocking up on health items and just outliving the final player in radiation at the end. This new method of disallowing healing however saves time and forces an end-game push which i think is better)

Things to touch up on:

  • I kind of enjoyed the previous inventory menu before. It was smaller, less intrusive, and incompatible items were 'greyed/dulled' out making it easier to just open/drop item/close the menu quickly.
  • The wolves body parts still glitch through walls when the door is closed, making them easy to kill from within a building.
  • Wolves easily dodgable and just cease chasing you after a certain distance
  • I do think the radius of the radioactive artifact zones is a bit too large. Atleast on the larger cities. I was getting hit with radiation, just running past, when not even in the city limit marked areas. Makes it highly demotivating/not worth it to look for an artifact especially when pressed against time. That's just me, though.
  • Used the wolf heart.. not sure if it's suppose to summon wolves or convert already existing ones, but it didn't summon any for me, and the existing ones still kept attacking me

Have not experienced yet:

  • Finding an artifact


  • Able to combine non-conflicting customization items (like watches and gloves, masks and glasses, etc)
  • More masks/headwear 🙂
  • Increase in customization item prices from 1000 -> 1500
  • Weapon: AK74u
  • In-game text chat (Global/team in pre-game, team-only in actual match)
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Hey @Commanderp,

Thank you for this feedback. We appreciate it! I'll pass this on to the team!

Tree in mid air

4_1549492294559_20190206162917_1.jpg 3_1549492294559_20190206162911_1.jpg

Tree you get stuck in just by walking into it

2_1549492294559_20190206144626_1.jpg 1_1549492294559_20190206144618_1.jpg

Wolves easily get stuck between open door and stair rails (happened in the 4-entrance apartments)