[Crash D3D] Error at Launch (Updated Game)

Good Nights fellow Dev's

I'm a Person who have played the game with many issue regarding of the Fixes that they told me
that even those fixes couldnt help my problem even so , i did everything they say but its the Same Thing , im using Two Kind of GPU (INTEL + NVIDIA) and i understand that but regarding of everything im posting you this problem that is giving me BLUE SCREEN and Flickering on my Screen when Launching the Game. Posting you the Stop Error.
0_1549402701655_New Error Code after Update.PNG

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Focus Home Interactive are you even listenning to our problems cause let me be straight , i have sended two Time all data concern about the issue that im having :
1.-Its the Crash File
2.-Dxdiag Info
3.-Did all what the Tech Support said and it didnt fixed the problem
4.-This game is Sending me more Blue Screen than a common error from the PC
Now to the Point have you ever tested this game On EVERY listen Carefully Every Gaming Laptop , Desktop Components like the Most important one GPU.
Cause this Game is giving more problems in Compatibility with GPU'S that are not like NVIDIA , MSI , ASUS made GPU from them.
My Graphics Card is Going A-O-K with other Games that have Unreal Engine and Easy Anti Cheat. But This game is the only One. I spent $ 60 Dollars when Preordered the Game i even preorder it, so i have Faith with you guys and i have patience but if you dont focus on Fixing That FIRST then i will give up in all the future releases that you make.

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Hey @Yeoramis
We're very sorry to hear about all the trouble you've had to go through. Could you please post your DxDiag here, and we will take a look right away. Thanks!

@Jellyfoosh Ty for answering this post i have been having this issue since the game came out , the first day , no problem in the Second Beta EVER , NO CRASH , NO FATAL ERRORS all the game itself was running Smoothly, By the way i have been contacted via EMAIL from Support too, they told me to do the NVIDIA STUFF or Even Uninstalling the Intel Driver, it Didn't Help i tried other games with Unreal Engine 4 Like CALL OF DUTY and it Runs Normally i dont uderstand what is the problem of the game cause right now im thinking of Giving up This Game i know you are all the devs still fixing this , but come on, dont you think its odd that a game could make a player buy a New GPU or even worse a New Laptop. I'm posting the DXDIAG and all the Possible solution that your friends Dev's told me.
If you see that i have My Gpu Setting in Spanish im Biling.
1_1551383752346_PROOF.PNG 0_1551383752345_DxDiag.txt

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