Update post on NWI post incoming tonight!

Grab your popcorn. NWI have big announcement coming in our way. Let hope the console version for Sandstorm will come out soon.


It's just about them opening a studio in Canada and that they are hiring for it.

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Total anti-climax. They must be burning the midnight oil testing all the features and new maps they want to incorporate.

Exploiters running rampant, player base dwindling and poor optimization, but grats on the new studio! Dont even worry about patching the broken game we paid for. It's all good. 😂

@mlb7 I don’t know what to do anymore lol. This game more often than not just sends me off with a sour taste. Hopefully the feb patch comes soon and does some serious good it’s too cold out where I live to play golf and ride my motorcycle yet...😭 Although I do have a few buddies excited for Anthem so gonna give that a go on the XB1X.