Gang Turf


I was wondering if the studio could reveal wether or not there will be territory (gang turf) included in the game. It brings such a richness and really sets the game aside from others in it's genre. It would help decide what missions/fights to take depending what territory is at stake (and especially it's bonusses).

Hey @Fragilehardass
Right now it's still too early for us to discuss game mechanics. Keep an eye on the forums and on our Twitter/Facebook pages, as that's where we will share news when we have it! 🙂

I don't mean to come across as snarky, but what's the point of this forum if all our question are met with "we can't talk about this yet" or aren't answered at all?

@SpikeC91 No worries, it's a fair question! Mainly it's to allow the community a place to get together and discuss the game, and to have a place for us to post news for you all when we have it. Over time, we will reveal more news and thus be able to answer more of your questions with certainty.

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@jellyfoosh How is it still too early to discuss features in the game when you have a set a release for this year??