how can I report a coach outrageous behaviour?

Hi everybody.

I'm sure this topic has already been put online, but I'm too lazy to find it, so I'll understand if nobody replies.

I am a pretty bad bb player, i often loose, and I rage quit quite often too. Sometimes my behaviour is impulsive and I can drop a "fuck you" before leaving.
I'm clearly not a saint, but at least I quit the game when I'm too pissed to think clear and have never harassed anybody, ingame or in reality.
BB2 matchmaking has put me against a certain coach several times and the guy is honnestly a psycho. I mean it, I think the guy should be treated by a professional.
Each time I play against him, it's all death theats, rape threats (wtf!), insults, etc...
I try to reply with humour but I'm sick of it.
Is there a way to report him to the staff so they can acces to his chat historic and banish him? or at least warn him?
Thanks for your answers.

In the competition Rulebook, at the end you have the name of the admin and the procedure to contact them. :

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