Hi there,
I tried to upload the 80+ screenshots with co-ords for various issues, but the forum server can't handle that many hi-res images. I have created a Google Drive folder where you can see all of the screenshot's I've taken thus far.

A brief overview of common issues:

  • you can be prone on just about anything 1px wide (fences, ledges etc)
  • the iron shacks on all(?) maps have invisible walls in their windows prevent nades and rockets from passing through
  • quite a few doors and walls not actually touching/closed resulting in weird lighting
  • invisible walls (map dev/designer didn't get around to actually texturing some objects, or blocking access with sensible structures/objects)
  • gaps in sandbags (intentional?)
  • gaps in textures

Map that needs the most work (imho) -> CROSSING

I haven't gotten around to checking these maps:

  • Farmhouse (in progress)
  • Refinery
  • Summit
  • Hideout

Despite the seemingly long list of bugs with this game, I still really enjoy playing Co-op (PVP is just down right stupid at the moment).