Game is too dark/Brightness issue


Some people and I are experiencing a very, very inconvenient bug. This mostly concern people with R9 280X card (that's also my card). Some areas of the game are way too dark. Having gamma at max level doesn't solve anything. The only way I found to limit the issue is to open the menu while looking the ground or the sky, and I may have a brighter game, but the game then become darker by itself..

My video drivers are, of course, updated. I have the same issue with both beta and stable driver (I'm now using 19.2.1 Adrenalin. I cannot really play the game, as there are many dark areas and I can hardly see an enemies except when they're shooting at me.

Here are some screenshots when the game is quite okay but some areas are still too dark, and some when the game is really too dark. As I said, the only thing I did to change brightness was to look at the ground/sky and open and close a menu. On some other maps/scenes it's getting much worst







My own setup :

R9 280x MSI Gaming 3G
I5 4670k

yeah i get the same gtx1080ti so it doesnt seem gfx card make or model dependant

i have to hit esc out then back ingame and it resets the, i dont have to even look at the ground

This has been reported by me and it's acknowledged already:

So just look at the ground and hit esc twice to gain visibility while they fix it.