Oops.. I wished I had known this earlier

Might be a really stupid oversight by me but might be helpful to new players:-

It's not only the completion of the mainline quests in gold that resets the urgency meter but also the side quests.

So I've been focusing solely on the gold quests when in reality I should have done some of the side quests as gets Spire in parts of the galaxy where he can take income producing worlds - such as mordax prime.

Only realised this yesterday after turn 96 on hard - suffice it to say the games got much easier!

@mystic_taboo Well...yes. xD You know you are able to reset the urgency meter with battle plans, right? Just to be sure...

You mean the timed attacks on your systems? Yes I know that thanks.

@mystic_taboo Not exactly what he meant
You can also use battleplans to remove steps from the urgency gauge
The is a little icon to the left of the gauge to let you do so

Nope I didn't know that all - I was finding 'hard', well hard. But now it's a breeze