The Surge freezing & crashing (Steam Version)

Last year i played The Surge for 29 hours experiencing no freezing, crashing or problems in general (last played Feb 2018). This morning i bought the Walk in the Park and Good, Bad & Augmented DLC. As of right now, when loading my NG+ save file (i load in Central Production B at the train area), the game freezes after about 10 seconds and again a moment later. At the second or third freeze the game is stuck, alt tabbing leaves me with a black screen unable to click on the desktop. Only able to see what I'm doing through window previews on my second monitor, the only way to close the game is through Task Manager (alt+f4 or clicking "X" while holding alt+tab doesn't work). Starting a new game seems to work fine until just past the first med-bay where the same problem occurs. I've tried reinstalling and I've tried verifying the game files in the properties menu of steam. When verifying, it always tries to obtain 1 file even after verifying and obtaining said file. In the Technical FAQ in the support category of steam discussions it is stated that i should try installing things from the commonredist folder in the local files of the game despite that folder being absent. I would try to refund the DLC but my 29 hour save file will be forever lost as the game doesn't allow me to load it when the DLC are unchecked. Is there any possible solution that doesn't require me to install old drivers and possibly affect every other game i own?

Nevermind, it was the custom medbay music files causing the problems. All works great now!