[Feedback] Please bring back Lock On for DE

They already have 50 armor... id say nerf the torpedo to 50 armor pen rather than full armor pen and nerf the dps while buffing alpha damage... this makes DE a true hit and run faction designed to shoot and run instead of staying for extended engagements...

also to anyone reading this... please have the common decency not to pull off that build against the common gamer... its cancerous as it is already

@nivlacace bch plz ... DE are glass canon ... Who give a f* when nobody can hurt you ?

@von-krieger you must clearly have a lack of scanning abilities in your build. A competent player who brings enough escorts and manages to protect them can easily keep a Deldar player revealed for large periods of time. I would recommend using fighters (if you have them) to scout out where you think a Deldar attack is likely, using probes to lock down points and no less then two escorts for scanning purposes. This should improve your ability to shoot at Deldar.

All eldar are OP, but some (dark) eldar are more OP than others.