[Infos] Necron campaign - no aeldari battleplan... (Bug?)

Almost at the end of the Necron campaign but cant get a battleplan from any aeldarian fleet. I played 40 turns with numerous fights against them but never got any battleplan, frustrating. Otherwise all sectors conquered, I keep threat level as high as possible to improve my chances but simply can nott unlock what seems to be one of the last story missions. I`ll give it another 10 turns, then I will quit the campaign :(...

Please devs get this patched.

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Hi @Schneider11,

it seems that you have been struck with bad luck during your fights VS Eldars.
I understand this may be frustrating and that you may feel stuck but battleplans will eventually show-up in a fight.
We tested this feature today and were lucky enough in our encounters with Eldar to find battleplans, board enemy ship, bring back battleplans aboard our ship and finish the mission.

Don't give up just yet !