[Known issue] Necron Tesla Weapon Bug

Hi guys,

As I’ve been playing I’ve noticed a situation in which the Necron Tesla weapons don’t function, it’s easy to avoid but I thought I’d report it.

When playing with Necrons through the campaign, I’ve noticed that if the game is set to maximum fast forward the Tesla weapons stop firing in a straight line and instead they kind of curve around the ship and arc off in random directions. This means the weapon type is completely useless while the game is in fast forward.

The Particle Whip is unaffected as it works as a beam type weapon with no real projectile motion involved. The Tesla however is strangely affected.

As I said earlier it only appears when the game is set to max fast forward, so it’s easy to avoid by simply not using that feature.

I can probably record some gameplay if required, but I imagine it should be quite easy to verify.

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Hi, yes it's a known issue and the devs are aware. Thanks for your report !