Maximum Fleet Point cap in campaign

Hello, I finished playing the imperium campaign and noticed that the maximum fleet cap is 1000 points. I'm almost ok with the leadreship values, but the single fleet size is too low in my opinion. Even in MP we can bring 1200 points. When I started my campaign I thought that in the final stages I could have 1200 or even 1500 points fleets. I was a little disappointed when I discovered that the size won't go any further than 1000.

Hey @Aram_theHead
This seems to be a bug. Could you please send us your save? You should have 1650 points at level 15.

@jellyfoosh I've probably explained what I mean pretty badly. This picture will make things more clear:

The leadership is 1650 as you said (green). What I'm talking about is the Fleet Capacity (red). Anyway, here's the save file 0_1549636492499_Imperium.sav

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i would like it in general if you could have much bigger fleets, should have a slider option (for those with shitty computers) so you can adjust how many points are allowed on screen at once for both sides

Yeah, the Total War series does this. Multiple different unit sizes so you always have up to 20 units per army, but the number of soldiers per unit varies between 40 and 200. I would prefer this for BFGA2 as well as I know my computer could handle bigger battles.

Yep bigger fleets would be fun.

Yeah, a slider who give us an option for leadership and fleet value would be nice . For example something like (for max value) :

Normal : Current values
Big : Fleet value : 1200, Leadership : 2400 (so you can field two fleet at same time)
Ultra : Fleet value : 1650, Leadership : Deactivated (always field full fleet. Help if you have a really superior fleet but against same fleet point the big battle are going to be total mayhem)

as a side note, attacking a fully defended system, with only 2 fleets when the enemies can field 3, with the leadership deactivated might be really hard.

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fleet value is different, i dont think they could change that cos then you could just bring waay more than the enemy has and auto resolve, fleet value should be at 1200 tho imo, to match Multiplayer, doesnt make sense its less in SP than in MP lol.
But leadership value should have a slider, so you can choose bigger battles, but arent forced to if your PC isnt up to scratch.

Thanks for clarifying @Davie. This is not a bug then, but I have passed it on to the dev team as feedback.

@jellyfoosh Thank you. If this becomes a thing I'm going to be doing a full 180 with my current steam review, believe you me!

Hey @psyckosama,
In our post-launch plans announcement, we talked a little about our plans for "a massive new game mode giving you access to skirmishes with truly humongous fleets and legendary ships (the Phalanx, Macragge's Honour, and other ships you see during the campaign)"

While this is in the works, we have not announced any plans to increase the fleet point limit in the campaign, but the dev team are aware it's a requested feature.

@Jellyfoosh I'm glad and I do understand that. I do want to say though, I was able to play that sort of battle in the launch version of the game by using the save editor to increase my Leadership cap. While no longer possible in the current version, and I assume they'd want to add in additional balancing elements, it does make it very clear that it isn't a deeply complicated problem.

Thank you though for informing the devs. This is a general feature that I think just about everyone who sees this game as something more than their latest round of Twitch-fodder either wants, or at least can understand the desire for.

Again, thank you.