Congrats on the Necron story mode devs

I would just like to thank the devs for writing a beautiful Necron campaign story with great characters instead of exaggerated charicatures or focusing to much on Trazyn. I really like Amarkun and Zaa and Trazyn, and even Kephrekh felt like a real phaeron. It had a nice dash of honor, necron politics, and their motives vs the motives of others. I really like Amarkun, as he felt like the Honorable Nemesor that you would probably have in that position, even if his title was weird (generally you are a Lord High Nemesor or Maktlan if you are warleader/LT of the phaeron, not just a normal nemesor you could find on any tombworld) and I loved his interactions with the other factions. Zaa was pretty great to, as was Anakaleth and Cleorekh (even if he had like 3 lines we blew up a craftworld together and thus became bros for life). So I would like to give a great shout out to the devs and artists for giving me this experience, even if my opinion on the balance and gameplay mechanics of the game is less than glowing and well known, especially in regards to said necrons, the storyline made the game worth the cost in my opinion.

Anyways, since we are on the topic, the campaigns are "what if" scenarios, with none more cannon than the other, so what is the fate of the Nepheru/Temmeryn dynasty and Anakaleth/Amarkun/Zaa/Cleorekh and the others canonically?

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Same here! I have not had as much time as I'd wanted to play this awesome game and in particular the campaign (and of course I went for the Necron one first), but so far I'm loving the characters and the story. Kephrek is presence made manifest, and Amarkun feels like a real, loyal Nemesor. Can't wait to see where the story goes and more awesome characters and cinematics!