My experience so far w/suggestions


I've been playing Fear the Wolves for a couple of days now, both solo and duo with a friend. It's been great fun, however, no game is without its' shortcomings.

This is a small list of things that has either raised inconvenience, is a bug, or just noted for another reason:

  • If you want to play multiple matches with someone in your friends list, you always have to re-invite after the match. This is unnecessary imo. Due to this, you also have to go to the main menu after a match ends, you cannot search for a new match instantly from the end screen. If you do, you get a random duo partner and there is no way to cancel the search.

  • When you launch the game and get to the main menu, it would be nice if the game remembered your preference for "play solo" instead of reverting back to duo-ing with a random every time.

  • When spectating, FOV is different than your setting. I have it set at the max (95) but it is clearly smaller when spectating your duo partner. For a lot of people, too small FOV causes headache/nausea.

  • One of the shotguns (Remington iirc) has its' reload animation bugged / out of sync.

  • The inventory / looting screen is quite confusing for new players (just squares without any description, eg. "These are your backpack slots") and is quite tedious to use. Either shift-click or double click should be added to make looting faster and more user-friendly. Drag drop is slow and clunky. A bit of color (or some other way) to the items wouldn't hurt to make differentiating one ammo type from the other faster.

  • Graphics options are pretty limited. The game runs decently, but it would be nice to have options to turn certain things down a bit. Foliage quality (NOT draw distance), an option to disable bloom effects, etc. Also a way to disable head bob and the unnecessary player sway motion when coming to a stop would be appreciated.

  • This is my personal opinion, but I feel the matches end slightly too quickly. I feel that the adrenaline infection / radiation zones should take a little bit longer to appear when the match is nearing the end, to not make the finale such a chaotic run-fest. The adrenaline infection is a good way to bring the players closer to the end zone, but it's detrimental to the inevitable combat that occurs in the final few squares.

Other than the stuff mentioned above, it's been a nice experience and I hope the player base will grow.
A big thanks to the devs from a STALKER fan.

@tonos thank you very much for your feedback and sorry for the late reply!