Give us emotes (no not that kind)

I tought it would be a great ideo to add emotes like moving your hand to silently tell your mates to mover forward, like squad or escape from tarkov has it (middle finger included)

Since you can't really talk to your team or use voice lines near the enemy this could be a great idea


It would be cool, at least the stop sign, and enemy ahead sign, as those are often practical in the game as well. Too many complicated commands would probably just be a resource eater for the devs at this point, most commands should probably be said in comm channel - And this comm channel should not be heard by enemy, as organized pvp teams use comm channels like that anyway, making it a great disadvantage to use in game comm channel for the rest- Or am I missing something(?).

Overcomplicated game mechanics that will be not used in the game by players. Commanders and observers still having hard time finding each other on the map, and you are asking for the emotes.

And again... Tarkov and Squad are the different games, dont mention them please when you are talking about Insurgency... Squad is a “realistic” kind of shooter. It’s not fast paced. Players have time to show signs, to look at the map and to plan their movement. Tarkov is the same realistic bullsh*t that is focused on slow grinding. On the other hand Insurgency. ITS NOT REALISTIC - ITS HARDCORE-CASUAL shooter. Fast paced, with short rounds, without requirement of getting “degree” in order to play effectively. Just log in and enjoy.

So please, dear ARMA, Squad, Tarkov players, Insurgency isn’t an alternative for your favorite milsims, it’s a different kind of a game. And it’s awesome. Stop trying to suggest making milsim from this game. It’s the same if I ll go to Microsoft Flight Simulator forums and suggest developers to make plane controls as easy as in GTA. (Hypothetically)

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Maybe its overly complicated to you. A few handsigns would have been handy (hahahaha) even in ins2.

I want the air guitar.....

What OP suggests is quite logical though. When NWI made Ins2 they introduced voice commands and comm channels that would also be heard by the enemy if in close proximity. A realistic feature. What also applies in realistic scenarios is that you keep your voice down when close to enemies and use hand signals. Introducing a few of those (like stop and enemy close) would just complete the feature NWI introduced and would be a cool addition.

Cool idea! This would require your hands to load in though.

@mlb7 and just like that ......back to the drawing board.

@max80 Haha, I couldn't resist. I always laugh at my floating pistol.

Really? Tarkov is a scam of the century. Selling a raw game without meaning and purpose for big money. And the Russian developers means the game will not finish or will finish soon.

all spoil the hysterical cries of soldiers commenting on their actions.