Prioritizing detected Ships/Modules Bug

Hello, i couldn't find any similar Bug report on the Forums (sorry if this was already talked About).

If you click on a detected ship (red dot) you can actually not only choose the Priority (1-4) but can see which Modules the ship has or hasn't.

For Example if i Target a Ship and i can choose between Deck, Engine and Weapons but the Generator is greyed out, i know it's a Necron ship.
Same if i can't choose any Modules i know it's a Escort Ship.

This makes the Start of a Match a bit stupid, because if you know you have IN and Necron as Enemy you can actually see where some ships are going.
And especially when you Play with the Tarot(the skill that marks and reveals one ship for a certain amount of time) Skills from IN or SM ist way easier for the Player using that skill too choose a ship that is probably the ship he wants to reveal.

Choosing the Priority and Modules should still be a Option against detected enemies, because you know which Factions you Play against and then you could at least pre select some modules.(But every module should be selectable)
And if a ship is identified and the selected module is not available for that ship it should jump to random again.

Is there the same phenomenon with Interfering Signals event ?