Constant texture switching in ADS on High Texture Quality

I reported this some time ago but didn't have any evidence for it. Then it vanished for some time, probably because i lowered textures to medium. Recently i increased texture quality to high again, which causes the following visual issues for me (RX580 8GB) in ADS:

Doesn't always happen: Textures in the vicinity switching constantly.

Always happens but depends on weapon model (M4A1 is not affected as seen above): Some parts of the gun constantly switching textures.

The texture switching happens roughly in the same timeframe as the gifs indicate.

What Texture Streaming setting do you use? Try OFF if you have not yet.

I have texture streaming on low, will try on high (no "off" setting, but will try r.texturestreaming=0) though i don't believe this is a streaming issue.

It is a Texture Streaming Pool size problem. LOW uses very little of your VRAM. When that small pool fills it starts to unload textures. HIGH is the next setting, but with a 8GB GPU you should use the OFF setting. OFF is the highest setting. It's badly named.

I have the OFF option in my video settings. If you don't have it I think you have to remove your config files and let the game recreate them.

Oh, there is actually an OFF-setting, didn't realize despite playing around with my settings all the time. Will try that out.