Precinct East - Map Improvement Suggestions


As a Diamond 1 player, and an active member of the DGL, I have played this map quite a bit. This map is one of the better firefight maps, but is held back because the map tends to be pretty security sided.

The reason that this map is security sided is because the security side has way more oversight on the B objective. Now, currently, insurgents can get on to B a little bit faster than security however security has a lot more options when it comes to B control, thus, over the course of a round, the security side is able to win more often because of their increased B control.

Now in this context, B control is less about getting on the point, and more about preventing the opposite team from getting on the point. Here are a few examples of how security has better B control:

  • Security gets to dark window at the same time insurgents get to their arch entry to B (with a good spawn). This means security has the ability to kill the player running the fastest route to B. This can be countered from insurgents pre-firing the window from apartments, but security usually has time to kill the player rushing arches.
  • Security can get on to B from 4 different locations(cafe under balc, balc, sec arch, and jail), each of which have no doors where the insurgents can set up and camp the door before security can get to it. In contrast, insurgents only have 2 paths on to B (ins arches, and apts down to B either through the broken wall or down the stairs to the back of the Van) without doors that can be camped.
  • Security can get on to B from 3 different sides of the B point (cafe/balc, sec arch, jail) without going through doors that can be camped, while the insurgents can only get on to B from 1.5 sides of the B point (Ins arch (only counts as 0.5 since its in the corner), and apts).
  • Security can easily flank the insurgents strongest position (apts) without having to go through a door that can be camped. Insurgents in contrast have no way of flanking the security teams strongest position (balc/dark window) without going through a door that can be camped by security.

What we can see from the above shows that security clearly have the B advantage at the start of the round. They can position themselves to kill the insurgents running on to B as well as flank the insurgents strongest position without much resistance.

There are ways to work around this, which is why I think your data will show that insurgents will push for the A objective much more than the B objective, whereas the security don't usually push the C objective and instead just focus on securing B and protecting A. This comes from the fact that security has the clear advantage over the B position.

So this leads to the question of how to fix the issues. There are really only a few things that could be changed to make the map much more balanced.

  1. Add a door to the hole room on ins side balc to allow insurgents better access to the balcony. Currently security can completely deny an insurgent flank on to balcony by throwing an incendiary grenade against the door on insurgent side balcony. Insurgents can still open the door with an incendiary there, but its hard to shoot through the wall of sparks and impossible to push onto the balcony until the incendiary goes out. A door in the hole room to the completely isolated room on insurgents side balcony would allow insurgents to push into that room and fire out the window in that room, as well as give a door and a window that would allow for a more effective balcony flank than a single door. This makes the balcony less secure and balances it with the security's ability to push up into apartments from the security side street.

  2. Make the Jail entrance on to B primarily for insurgent use. Currently the jail entrance on to B is easier for security to use than for insurgents to use. Insurgents have to go through that metal door into the garage/tires/workshop area which can be camped by a security player out in the street. The security side can see that door and camp it well before insurgents can get to it, so insurgents cant use that entrance easily. Instead, I would add a second door that is on the back wall of the jail entrance and then add a wall between the garage/tires/workshop area and the jail entrance. This allows the insurgents to use that door to get to the jail entrance from one of those rooms by the C point, and forces the security team to go out and around the main building block to use that entrance. Similar to how insurgents have to push out and around the security side of the building block to flank the cafe area (under security balc).

  3. Add some kind of door on the security side of apartments that would hinder the security side when trying to push into apartments. It would be nice if the security side didn't have free access into the insurgents side of apartments without any kind of door or other obstacle. This would make the apartments area much more balanced in comparison with the balcony area, as it would allow the insurgents to camp the security push into apts much in the same way that the security can camp the insurgents push into the balcony area. Preferably I would like this wall to allow security safer access to that room with the metal door on their side of the apartments which has a window overlooking B. This balances the proposed door that lets insurgents get into that room on insurgents side balcony which has the window facing the B objective and the apartments.

  4. Add a window overlooking B and the balcony from insurgents side balcony, preferably right at the top of the stairs where insurgents come up on to their side of the balcony. Some kind of window here would give insurgents the same advantage that security have from the window on security side apartments has that looks into the broken wall on insurgents side apartments, and out on to the B point. A similar window but for insurgents side of the balcony would help balance the B objective visibility for both teams, and give insurgents a way to fire out on to the balcony in the same way that security can fire into the apartments.

All in all, these are pretty simple changes and would make all the difference in the world when it comes to providing insurgents with a fair shot at taking and controlling the B objective.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.



I would like you to add screenshots.

Haven't played it against practiced teams but I wouldn't say it is sec sided.

SEC has the advantage on balcony and INS has the advantage on apartments.

However, a connection through the rooms from the INS side balcony to SEC side balcony would be more than welcome.

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