Please Allow Movement Of Ships Between Fleets

I know it's been brought up before, but please allow transfer of ships between fleets of the same faction. I want my main fleet to have the newest and best ships, but having to disband my rank 4 cruiser rather than passing it to an empty garrison admiral is very frustrating. Considering ship construction is handled by sector, it's a pain to have to send your admirals back to reinforce at your hub rather than just transfer ships between fleets. Further, funds might be rather tight in the campaign so having to rebuild ships rather than pass them on is frustrating for the player also.

Would be relatively easy to organise rules wise. The two fleets must be in the same system, and no other fleets must be there. Then, clicking on the system could bring up a button next to the 'new fleet' button which would allow the exchange. A window would then come up listing the ships of both fleets. From there you could simply drag and drop between fleets or use arrows to move ships back and forth. A simple display down the bottom would show the fleet capacity of both.
This should cost all remaining movement that turn to represent the time taken to reorganise commands etc.

This is a pretty standard feature in all grand strategy games and it allows you to more efficiently and effectively use the campaign strategically.

Agreed, in the campaign you should be able to move ships between the same race.

I've just hit the point in the campaign where I can get battlecruisers. That means one of my top rank ships needs to be chopped. However, I need a new fleet to garrison one of my sectors. As it is now the two problems can't be related, I have to disband a ship in my main fleet and then build one in the new one.

Not only does this mean I'm paying for 75% of a ship I don't need to, that ship starts again at level 1 experience.

The ability to move ships around between fleets of the same type would solve this problem.

It's worse than that as well as its costing you construction points 😞

It's one of the silly oversights in game, don't know why they didn't just copy total war.

Almost annoying as not being able to save upgrades to a multiplayer custom Fleet but have to keep picking them, when you know my torp fleet is going to want faster speed torps each game

That's very true! When construction spots for big ships are often limited this can be a hindrance if you need to rebuild.

I hope sincerely that we get the option to move ships around in the next update.


Just wanted to bring this to your attention. It's another feature a lot of people have been talking about.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! We've heard a lot about this topic, and the devs are aware of it. 🙂

@jellyfoosh Cool, ty! Think it would be cool as well.

Awesome, thanks for letting us know, Jelly! 🙂

I agree. Especially on Hard difficulty (which i doubt anybody is playing on hard) is pretty wasteful