Imperium Campaign: Reinforcement after "The Invasion - Part 1" problem [Contain Spoiler!]


First of all, forgive my Average English as i'm FRA Native.

So here is the bug/glitch I found:

Situation : After completing "The invasion part 1" you receive 3 fleet as reinforcement, those fleets are supposed to spawn on the 3 system we defended or the nearest one if full.

Problem : One of the fleet didn't spawn as intended, While 2/3 spawned on the system I already defended, the third one was full of my battle fleet. So it spawned on the nearest system. The problem is that the system it is located in, is one I don't have access yet.

Details : I defended Agripinaa and Belis Corona, the last one was Nemesis Tessera. I'm on the mission going to Medusa Sector, but my third fleet spawned in the Beliav IV system.

Minor issue I can only select it from the "Fleet list" cause I can zoom in the sector unless I double click my fleet. (I don't have access to the sector), The sector system are empties and not connected each other, so the only thing possible is to move my fleet to Tessera as it seems there is a connected way between those sector.

Major Issue: While it contain spoiler on the sector map, the location where it is connected to the other. Having a fleet spawning inside it also played what I would call the "Intro Movie" detailing what happens here and why we are here.
While I can't know how far in the campaign We have access to it, it's a problem having those information from nowhere.

I kept a savegame about this situation if screenshot are needed or more informations.

Thank you for your reading

Hey @Hylion
Thanks for pointing this out, it's a known issue and we're working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I have a different problem with the same event. It goes over my fleet limit, giving me 6/5 SM and AM fleets and the campaign crashes to the main menu.

Apparently the cause is that there arlready 3 fleets at one of the 3 systems in question.

Still, the campaign quits to main menu when there is more than the allowed number of fleets deployed.

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Hey @Imperator ,

While I got the bug. My fleet went to 5/4 5/4 4/4 and didn't crash my campaign. (playing it for 15-20 turn from now)

I guess you already did it but maybe try to load again the save, or a turn before and try again to complete the mission?

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