Couple of remarks before the launch..

Amazing game all around I just want to comment of couple of things:

1- We need more customization options. Especially for security forces. Also I believe we need different voice options for woman characters.
Note: I would love to see woman fighters on insurgent side. I'm all for the authenticity but I'm sure there are woman insurgent fighters too (maybe in hijab even?)

2- We need close quarter maps. More intimate, indoors maps. Like Ministry in Insurgency. And night maps too.

3- Pretty sure spawn camping has been reported, but it needs rework.

4- More gun options!! I'm sure you are working on this but more smg, lmg and shotgun options?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

@chaoswillrise I will just say I agree with most of what you have said. Don’t care about the women part... Just wanted to say though in regards to smaller CQB maps this is why I have suggested they bring back the game mode “OCCUPY”. If you do not know what this is do a little research on it. It’s a nice little game mode from the older Insurgency where two teams fight to hold one Obj... so if placed in a tight quarters part of all the maps it will definitely give you the feeling your looking for. I for one loved this game mode being my favourite out of respawnable game modes. So pass it along lol we need occupy back.

Devs already stated that women fighters on inurgents' side wouldn't be a thing. It doesn't make any sense anyway. Let's just stop asking for this.

I agree on everything else, though !